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Wow. "Heroes" was great tonight. Unlike "Lost," their advertisement that questions would be answered was accurate. It left me anxiously anticipating next week, just because I'm reminded once again of how good the show is. (New "Heroes" icon by lady_iz. It's Hiro and Ando! I was so happy to see Ando in the trailer for next week's episode. I was devastated when Hiro left him behind last week. Well, not devastated, but rather sad.)

This evening I sat down and wrote two emails to former freelance clients, trying to drum up new projects. Tomorrow I'll write some snail mail letters to the ones I don't have email addresses for. I plan to also email a few other companies to request their proofreading tests. I don't remember how I obtained the names of contact people when I did this before. They don't list stuff like that on the websites. I seem to remember I used a book at the library, but that sounds unlikely, since such a thing would be unlikely to be kept up-to-date. Well, I can go and ask, anyway.
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