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I found my old pedometer yesterday, and it looks like the batteries are dying, which is unfortunate because I'll have to reset it. (I don't remember how I measured my stride last time. I'll have to figure something out.) At least I was able to find the instructions. I'm lucky I kept them, since it's several years old. I haven't used it in ages, because I mostly just use Google Maps to give me rough estimates, but it's a neat toy.

Today I made split pea soup from the Moosewood Cookbook, but it isn't like the split pea soup you get in cans, so it's a little weird. I guess with canned soup ("tinned soup," my mind whispers, still affected by my year in Scotland) they puree the cooked split peas to get the right consistency. This was just split peas, cooked with some vegetables. I doubt I'll make the recipe again, since it didn't turn out to be what I really wanted. It's always disappointing when I go to all the trouble of chopping and cooking and the result is a bit of a failure. I still enjoyed the cooking, but the food isn't what I'd hoped.

Lisa and I have decided to start watching Haibane Renmei instead of Ranma for a while. It's a series I've had in my Netflix queue for a while, and Lisa happens to own it, so that's convenient. It's more contemplative than Ranma (which really isn't hard to accomplish), so I'm not sure if it will lend itself to marathons, but we'll see. There are only 13 episodes, anyway, so it won't keep us occupied for long. We tend to watch 3+ hours of anime each week, so that's only about 2 weeks of Haibane Renmei if we marathon it.

Tonight starts the new season of The Amazing Race. Yes, I care.
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