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The Annual Party

[Written last night, but only uploaded just now due to an LJ issue I didn't figure out until Shannon said he hadn't seen this entry.]

My two important yearly landmark events:
  • January 1: The new year's day open house party at Deb/Alan/Fred's house
  • May 1: May Day (Morris dancers dance up the sun at Inspiration Point)

So, today (well, the 1st ... it's after midnight now, so I should say "yesterday" ... but it still feels like "today" ... so bite me) was one of my two important days of the year, one of my most anticipated days of each year: The Big Annual Party. Deb, Alan, and Fred are three members of my chosen family, three of my closest of close friends. I lived with them for several months in 2001 when Shannon and I were split up.

Anyway, Deb has been throwing a new year's day open house party for about 20 years, I guess. I'm not sure for how long, but it's been a longstanding tradition, since before she and Alan were even together, and since long before Fred shared their house. I've been attending for ... uh ... something like 7 or 8 years, I guess. Over the course of those years, I've become close to quite a few people in this diverse community of folks, and so it's wonderful to see everyone.

It was good to see Fred, my long-time dance and charades buddy. We used to go dancing on "80's night" at The Stud (a gay club in San Francisco) all the time ... but then they stopped having an 80s night. *pout* We also used to go to New Wave City every month, but then their djs started sucking. *pout* *POUT* We've been to Polly Esther's a few times, more recently, but it just isn't as much fun. Too crowded, poor ventilation, and the music isn't as good.

Anyway, Fred and I got a rollicking game of charades going today, which was lots of fun. We play a charades game that is non-competitive, with no teams, no winners ... the game just ends when everyone feels like moving on to do something else. (In all honesty, this usually happens right after I leave the room, which is rather odd.) Shannon's boss was there, and seemed to be having a great time, and scratched my back for me (he's not at all pervy, just really really nice, and we socialize with him and his partner quite often ... they're great people), and acted out some fabulous charades. He's really very good. I rocked, as usual. Fred and I shouted out one of the answers ("no deposit, no return") at exactly the same time, and so we did the next charade as a joint effort. It was the first time we'd ever done a two-person charade in our game, so that was neat. We acted out "JFK and Jackie Kennedy" by doing a motorcade, and then him getting shot, and me chasing his brain. Morbid, but effective.

I also spent some time talking with Donya, my good friend and fellow Buddhist (with whom I sometimes go to Green Gulch Farm for retreat), who gave me a beautiful wrist nenju which she bought for me on her most recent trip to Japan. We would both love to make another Green Gulch trip sometime soon, but I don't think I can afford it right now. Perhaps if I save up some money. (It would cost me $70 per night. So if I do that instead of buying my cloak, I could afford a three-night stay.) I need to think about this some more.

Matt and Janet were there, both looking a little fragile in the wake of their difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy (due to health factors) a few months ago. They desperately want to have children, and are clearly still grieving deeply. Janet and I have grown apart in the past few years, which makes me sad. I should email her and make plans for us to get together, since things are rough for her right now. We could be there for each other.

My friend Tom (one of the owners of The Other Change of Hobbit) was visiting from Seattle, and it was wonderful to see him, even though we didn't get a chance to talk very much. He seemed a bit distant, but that may have just been the crowdedness of the party. He plans to be back in town in a couple weeks, so perhaps we can talk more then.

I didn't get to spend much time with Deb and/or Alan, since they were fairly busy with hosting duties. But we're making plans for me to start coming over to their house for dinner regularly again, perhaps once a week. Though I'm completely happy that I'm back with Shannon and we're doing so well together, I must admit that I really miss being a part of Deb and Alan's household, too. I wish I could have it all. By trying to spend more time with them, I hope that'll be a bit more possible. I miss and love them very much. They're closer to me than anyone except Shannon and my brother.

Well, there's more to write, but Shannon is waiting for me to come to bed, so I'd better go. I just wanted to write some of this down before it fades in my mind. I'm glad I went to the party, and I seemed to tolerate the crowd quite well, though I was only there for 3 hours. I talked to many people, and then came home absolutely exhausted and fell asleep on the couch for most of the evening. I imagine I'll sleep a lot tomorrow, as well. It was fun, but a lot more social interaction than I'm accustomed to lately!
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