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Shoe Shopping

I went shoe shopping today. Unlike the stereotypical woman, I hate shoe shopping. Most stores don't carry many size 5 1/2s, so my options are severely limited. I usually end up having to buy 6s, which aren't ideal (and which also are not numerous, since the shelves would seem to indicate that most women wear 7s or 8s, though I don't know for sure if that's true), so most of my shoes don't fit properly. Also, I find that most shoes hurt my feet, rubbing at my heel. This may, of course, be because my shoes don't fit properly.

Anyway, I bought a pair of black flats that will hopefully not rub my feet raw. (I do realize that most 5'1" women would wear shoes with a heel, but I don't like them. And, anyway, the shoes with heels were more expensive.) I walked around the store a couple of times to test them out, and they seemed fine -- though a bit big, of course -- so I hope I'll be okay. At least they don't fall off like the pair I wore yesterday.

I had planned to go shopping for jeans that fit after I bought the shoes, but shoes are much more expensive than I expected. I bought one of the less expensive pairs of work-appropriate shoes in the store, and I still spent $50. I feel ripped off -- they're just shoes, for god's sake! they aren't made of gold! -- but I needed them for work, so it wasn't really a choice. The shoes that were even less expensive (by about $10) weren't even close to my size.

So I'll continue wearing jeans a size too big for a while longer. Oh well. The work stuff was more urgent.

I hate shoe shopping. Argh.


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