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Dad again

I talked to my dad this morning, and he said he's been having a lot of back pain, which is why he went to Omaha yesterday. He also had 6 hours of chemo yesterday, though it was unclear whether he made two separate trips to Omaha that day or not. He doesn't communicate very well. At least I found out that he didn't drive himself there and back, which is a good thing.

They did a CT scan of his back and didn't find anything new. He has a tumor on his spine in his lower back which they didn't remove when he had his surgery, but Dad didn't say anything about that possibly being involved. He doesn't tend to ask any questions of the doctors, so he usually doesn't know what's going on, which means that I don't know what's going on, either.

He still sounds terrible. He says he thinks he's doing very well, so I don't know why he sounds so bad. He sounds like he's in constant pain or is very sick (or just woke up, which I know is not the case), with his voice all rough and wobbly.

I'm still worried about him, since they don't know what's causing the back pain. They've missed things before (Dad's spinal tumors), so I don't really trust the doctors at the VA. I trust Dad's surgeon, but I don't trust the doctors responsible for diagnosis.

As I told Shannon yesterday, I would be a mess if I lived nearer to him, hovering and worrying even more than I do from a distance.
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