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Jane Austen

I've been reading Natalie Tyler's The Friendly Jane Austen, and it's making me want to sit down with a pile of Austen novels up to my eyeballs and just read and read. The only three of her novels that I'm really familiar with are Persuasion, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. I've read the others, but remember very little about them. When I finish this book, I'll probably re-read something by Austen, but I'm not sure what. Return to one I already love? Or familiarize myself with one of the others? Probably the latter. Perhaps Northanger Abbey, since I remember that one being particularly light. Right now, I feel like working my way through all of them, one by one, but I don't know if that would do them service. Too much Jane Austen all at once might start to run together.

Oh, but I'm tempted to re-read Persuasion, Emma, or Pride and Prejudice, as I am every time I get a bug in my ear to read Austen. Those books are just so good!
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