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Talked to my dad this afternoon, and he's probably starting radiation in a week. They've told him that he'll probably do six weeks of radiation this time, as compared to two weeks after the brain tumor. So he'll be doing radiation when I visit, if I visit when I was planning to. I know he would rather I'm there when he's not doing radiation, but I hate to leave it too late, since he might not be doing well by then. I'm worried that he might get more tumors, even within the next six weeks of radiation.

He's still not able to walk, even with a cane. He's using a walker and he jokes that it makes him look 97 years old. He also says that he thinks he's able to move his foot a little more each day. I fear that it's wishful thinking, but I hope I'm wrong.

I worry about how he'll get back and forth between his home and Omaha for the radiation, since he can't drive. He has good friends, but will they really be willing to drive there and back twice a week so Dad can come home on weekends, as he plans? I can't remember how far Omaha is, but it's hours away. I seem to remember Dad saying it's more than 200 miles.

Up 'til now, he's been protesting my coming to visit while he's having radiation (because he's in Omaha five days a week while it's going on), but now he seems to think it would be okay, since the radiation is going to last so long. He's finding out the radiation details tomorrow, so I'll talk to him then about what he prefers re: me coming out to visit. I'm afraid I might go batshit crazy living in a tiny motel room with him for 5 days, but then I might go batshit crazy staying with him in his isolated house, too. In any case, I need a lot of time to myself, so I'll have to figure out how to make that happen. Take lots of books. Dad doesn't even have a tv. From what I saw last time, Omaha is desperately boring, so there probably wouldn't be a lot to do either place. I saw some bad areas in Omaha, so that's a bit of excitement, but not the type I'd like to explore.

I don't know what to do about the visit. I'm really torn between going while he's doing radiation and waiting until he's done in late December. I just worry that if I wait it'll be too late.
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