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Talked to my dad today. He's in a lot more pain today for some reason. He still can't walk without a walker, so they're planning on sending one home with him when he goes. He's hoping that will be tomorrow, but he'll need someone to take care of him for a while because he can't cook or anything. (I mean, I can't cook, either, but his is a physical problem rather than a knowledge problem.) At any rate, he was hoping to go home early last time, too, but stayed a while longer than planned. I understand his desire to get out as soon as possible, but he has to wait until it's actually a good idea. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Went shopping today and bought myself 4 new tops, all very flattering. Two all black, one all brown, and one brown and turquoise swirly-type pattern. Shannon likes the colored one, of course. He's not big on solids; he much prefers patterns. And he definitely prefers bright colors.

Well, it's time to watch tv. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are back from vacation and I'm ready for my fake news.
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