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Just found out that my dad has developed tumors on his spine. This explains his recent (the past couple of weeks) problems with dizziness and walking. Apparently the tumors are bad enough that the doctors are surprised he's been getting around as well as he has.

They did 4 hours of MRIs yesterday and they're waiting for the results. If he doesn't have tumors anywhere else, then they'll operate on the spine. If he also has tumors elsewhere, then they won't operate. I assume this means the tumors will just continue to grow, but it could mean that they would do chemotherapy. I don't know.

I'd been feeling really hopeful because he's been doing so well and no tumors had returned in his brain, so now I'm hit pretty hard. The surgeon in March had said that we shouldn't expect him to live past Christmas, but I'd sort of started thinking he'd beat the odds. Now it looks bad again.

My aunt Marlys is going to call me back later today to let me know the results of the MRIs. Then I'll know a little more about his prognosis.
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