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I went to lunch with my friend Nancy today and we had a great conversation and tasty food. (She arrived an hour earlier than we had arranged and caught me in my kimono. I got ready very quickly.) I had a spinach salad with feta and sliced apples (with a big, frequently-refilled glass of lemonade, which was agreeable in the heat). There were no awkward pauses, largely because Nancy talks considerably more than I remember. I didn't mind at all, since it took pressure off of me. It was great to see her again. It's been 5 or 6 years.

After lunch, I sat down to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which is beginning to bore me. I'm about 350 pages in (out of approximately 800), and I'm starting to make excuses to myself not to read it. I like the premise enough that I'll keep reading to see where it goes, but it'll be slow going if it continues as it currently is. I'm only reading 40 pages or so at a time. I now understand why Shannon expressed doubt that I would like it.

Then Shannon and I played a game of Memoir '44, which was fun as always. We were playing an expansion of the original game, involving Japanese troops. I lost horribly (I was playing the Japanese, who won in the actual historical battle), but it was still fun. I must admit that near the end I began thinking, "Just put my guys out of their misery already!" just because my troops were being mercilessly slaughtered all over the place. I felt bad for them. They were embarrassingly incompetent, due to my unlucky die rolls and card draws. Yes, I ascribe emotions to my little plastic soldiers.

The weather is still uncomfortably hot, which I understand is the case all over the country. Jon Stewart has certainly been repeatedly commenting on the hot weather in New York, in any case. My mom has said that they've had more than a week of over 100 degrees in southern California. Ew. According to the weather website I use, it's 88 degrees here right now. Far too hot for me.
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