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More blathering about art

I'm half-way through The Chronicle of Impressionism, and I'm starting to get overwhelmed. Information overload. All I can remember of what I've read in the past couple days is that in 1879/1880 the core group of Impressionists was splintering, with most of the artists going their own ways instead of staying in a tight group as they were before. And that the fifth Impressionist exhibition (in 1880, which is easy to remember because it's the year Spike became a vampire) was a huge failure. I'm continuing to just read for pleasure and not worry about remembering everything. It's not like there'll be a test at the end. And nobody could remember all this stuff unless they had an eidetic memory, anyway.

I'm still very excited about the upcoming "Monet in Normandy" exhibit, even though it now seems unlikely that there will be water lilies. The water lilies were painted in Giverny, which apparently is located on the border between Normandy and Ile-de-France (according to Wikipedia), so it might not count as being "in Normandy," per the name of the exhibit. One of the webpages I found that talked about the exhibit mentioned Giverny, but none of the others did, so it seems unlikely. The Giverny paintings are very famous, so I'd expect they'd mention them if they were part of the exhibit. (I've been to Giverny to see the actual lily pond and famous bridge -- see my icon -- and it was terribly exciting to see the actual things that Monet painted so many times.)

I wrote an excited email about the exhibit to my mom today. She studied art and art history as her major, and she's the one who introduced me to Monet's stuff (and van Gogh, and Canaletto, and Alma-Tadema, and most of the artists I like), back when she used to take us to museums all the time when I was a kid. I've been going to museums my whole life, as far back as I can remember. I always loved them, but my brother was bored to death.

Today I was doing a bit of research on 19th-century art, and discovered that one of my other favorite artistic movements, the pre-Raphaelites, was going on in England at the same time that the Impressionists were working in France. I guess I like a particular time period. (Of the pre-Raphaelites, I particularly love Waterhouse. Cool mythology stuff. I should make a Waterhouse icon, now that my Photoshop is working again.) The two styles are so different that it never occurred to me that they might coincide.

I do particularly like some painters who aren't Impressionists or pre-Raphaelites (like Magritte and Alma-Tadema), but I'm mostly an Impressionist gal at heart. It's something to do with the light. (Renoir's use of light looks different to me than the other Impressionists. His people seem to glow from the inside. It makes his style very unique.)

Anyway, I know I'm boring everyone with my nattering about art, but it's much on my mind lately, and I write what's on my mind.

(Giverny bridge icon courtesy of striped. Yay!)
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