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Adventures in DIY

This morning, Shannon decided to tackle our upstairs bathroom sink. Well, not literally, of course. He'd probably hurt himself. Or the sink.

Our upstairs bathroom sink faucet hasn't worked pretty much ever. I'm sure it worked when we first moved in, but it hasn't functioned properly anytime in recent memory. It sprays water sideways, quite spectacularly, rather than pouring down through the spout. So I hate to use the upstairs bathroom -- only do so in emergencies -- because I can't wash my hands. Ewww.

Anyway, so Shannon suggested this morning that we go buy hardware (at the hardware store, of all places) so that he could replace the faucet. I was very hesitant about this, because we're really really not DIYers and Shannon has never done anything like this. Shannon was offended at what he termed my assertion of his "incompetence." That wasn't what I meant at all. I tried to clarify that I was talking about inexperience, but he wasn't really listening.

Well, I realized that we have a non-working faucet right now, so we may as well try to replace it. (I use the word "we" in the royal sense, meaning Shannon.) If it doesn't work, we won't be any worse off. (I use the word "we" in the usual, first person plural sense.)

So we walked up to the hardware store and bought a cheap faucet (we don't need a fancy one for our hidden bathroom guests never see unless they stay with us overnight, which is rare) and brought it home (with a stop at Jamba Juice. Mmmmm ... Jamba Juice!).

Shannon went to work disassembling the old faucet and all was going well until he hit a snag: One of the nuts holding the damn thing to the pipe wouldn't come loose. He tried everything. He was lying on his back attacking it with a large crescent wrench and I could see his legs lifting off the floor, he was pushing so hard. It wouldn't budge. Apparently we need something called a "basin wrench," which is used for this purpose and this purpose only (according to what Shannon found online).

So we are temporarily defeated by the Nut of Doom, but we'll attack it another day with the appropriate tool.

In other news, today the cats have been exceedingly cute. Hence the icon.

In other other news, I had butter pecan ice-cream this evening. Mmmmm ... butter pecan! How I love thee!
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