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Dad news

Dad news. On the phone tonight, he told me that the doctors haven't ruled out surgery. When I first spoke to Dad's friend who called to give me the news, he told me that they couldn't do surgery and were going to radiation, but I guess he misunderstood. It's like a game of *cough* telephone.

Anyway, so they're going to do an MRI soon (Dad doesn't know when) to see if it's operable. So there's some hope that he won't have to go the radiation/chemo route. He doesn't seem very hopeful, but I think it's difficult for him to stop ruminating on the worst possible outcome right now.

Dad's adopted sister is flying in tomorrow, and Dad doesn't know how long she's staying. I'm sure our visits will overlap, which will be awkward. I really don't know her, and so I end up falling into the "what do I talk about" problem again. Still, it's nice to know that she loves him so much and will be there to support him. I won't be on my own, and neither will he.
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