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Tonight we went to the grocery store at the worst possible time: just before kick-off. The last-minute Superbowl shoppers were surprisingly indecisive, given their short schedule. One woman had wrapped cellophane around her midriff over her t-shirt and put some kind of clear lumps on her arms to make herself look like some kind of miniature, transparent football player. Her t-shirt said, "Twins," across her chest, despite the fact that she barely had one boob if you combined the two together. But I suppose the word was factually correct, in that they were approximately the same (miniature) size. She was just miniature all around. And ridiculous-looking in her cellophane. Not an outfit ideal for grocery shopping. Or anything else that I can imagine. Except maybe ... no, not even that.

I finished Eat, Shoots & Leaves yesterday, but instead of moving on to Wonderboys as I had planned, tonight I'm moving on to The Chicago Manual of Style (which, when I worked in publishing, we just called "Chicago"). I'm hoping that it clarifies the usage of colons, since the information will not be buried under jokes and protracted metaphors. Don't get me wrong: I loved Eats, Shoots & Leaves, but it's mostly a book to enjoy if you already know the stuff. It isn't all that good at being instructive. And since I've mostly avoided colons my whole life because I don't know how to use them properly (I would always look them up in Chicago if I encountered them in questionable circumstances in something I proofread), I'd love to learn. So I'm picking up The Chicago Manual of Style for pleasure reading. The sign of a true grammar nerd.

[Edited To Add: Yes, indeedy, The Chicago Manual of Style was clearer (and more concise). I don't have the section memorized, but I think I'll be more comfortable with colons in the future. Huzzah!]



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Feb. 6th, 2006 07:33 am (UTC)
Mmm.. footnotes.
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