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About A Boy

Finished About A Boy today. I was right: it was a quick read. A few bits were oddly familiar, making me think I'd read the book before but forgotten, but the rest was completely new to me. Realized I'd long ago seen the trailer for the film, and that must be it.

It was enjoyable. Light, but enjoyable. I don't have a lot to say about it, due to its lightness. I liked the kid, mainly. Probably my inner geek coming out. I was never too much of a geek in school, though. I always had good friends, never got bullied, that sort of thing. I went through my painful phases, but no one ever seemed to notice. I do remember a couple of months (maybe shorter than that ... time expands in high school) when I had no one to eat lunch with, but it didn't last long. Still, it was kind of sad. I identify with geeks more as an adult than I did as a kid, even when I was sitting there reading through lunch in 4th grade. I was kind of oblivious to the social pecking order.

Anyway, enjoyed the book. Looking forward to moving on to something with a bit more heft ... here's hoping I'm up to it. If not, if I have trouble like I did with Lady Oracle, I'll put the book away and read something lighter again. No shame in it.
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