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A couple of good days

Yesterday evening, Shannon and I played "Memoir '44" again, this time with some of the new supplements he'd just received in the mail. I was playing Finnish ski troops, and some normal old Finnish troops, which was fun. The Russians kicked my ass, though. I love playing "Memoir '44," because each scenario is based on a real battle during WWII. Good stuff.

Then last night we watched the first episode of "The Stephen Colbert Report." Not as good as his work on "The Daily Show," but still amusing. I wish he could bring "This Week in God" along to his own show, because that was always my favorite part of "The Daily Show."

I've finally broken down and been truly honest in my LJ user info. I've listed "addiction to Gatorade" as one of my interests. Sometimes you just have to tell the truth, you know?

Last night I had atrocious insomnia. Of course, I ended up writing about 1500 words of fiction, so it wasn't a complete waste of time, but still ... I probably should have been sleeping, instead. Sleeping is generally advised by most medical professionals.

Today I hung out with Katherine, and we went out to lunch at a very good Indian restaurant in west Berkeley. I ordered a "tandoori chicken caesar salad," which was really quite tasty and will feed me for at least two meals, possibly three. We're talking huge. As big as my head. Katherine ordered tapas-style, and I coveted her cucumber salad. In my experience, cucumber salads -- regardless of the ethnicity of the cuisine -- are fantabulous. Mmmmm ... cucumber salad!

After lunch, we high-tailed it over to the Depot for Creative Reuse, which is always fun. I rummaged through their stacks of magazines, and ended up with 15 of them ... for 10¢ each. So now I have a bunch more magazines to look through for collage resources. Yay!

The only other thing going on is that we've started watching "Battlestar Galactica" on DVD, and we've been enjoying it. No big comments or critique, but it's enjoyable. I can understand why some people are such rabid fans.
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