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Random Saturday Morning(ish) Rambling

I have now definitively established that LJ is not emailing me all of the comments on my journal. So if you've commented with a question or an offer or an accusation or whatever, and I haven't responded, it's probably because I'm completely clueless.

Very frustrating.

I like clues, and dislike lacking them.

Speaking of comments, who was it who told me (in comments somewhere I can't find) that they liked pretty much any music in which the lyrics were particularly significant? I'm all a-puzzle.

Last night Shannon and I went out to dinner at Beckett's, a local Irish pub/restaurant (the restaurant isn't all that Irish anymore, because they took a lot of neat stuff off their menu, but they still have fish & chips, Irish stew, steak-and-kidney pie, and ... uh ... Irish soda bread brought before your meal) to celebrate our combined birthdays. He turned 33 (a very aesthetically pleasing number, though 32 is fun, too, since it is 25) on Thursday, and I turn 35 (yes, I am an "older woman" ... how torrid!) on Monday.

I do believe I now qualify as "middle-aged," but Shannon does not. That upstart young whippersnapper!

Dinner was lovely. I had a steak, but the real excitement was that it came served with asparagus (and mashed potatoes, which I love, but it was the asparagus that made me gasp with delight). I almost never get to eat asparagus, so I devoured it with great gusto. Shannon had fish & chips, miraculously using salt, vinegar, and catsup, all together. Well, not all together, but I generally wouldn't use them on the same meal of fish & chips. He used salt and vinegar on the fish, but catsup on the fries.

That shows how Americanized the restaurant is, that they didn't offer him mayonnaise for his french fries. Heh. *gags*

My computer is behaving very strangely today, with the mouse response time being very sluggish. These kinds of things always worry me. I think it's time to shut all the programs down, restart, and see if the situation improves. Maybe I'll do a back-up, too ... because I CAN DO BACK-UPS NOW! Woo hoo! Thanks to my CD burner! Thanks to kjf and michaelarick!

But first maybe I'll take a nap. *is tired*

*is almost 35*

Old people take a lot of naps, right?
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