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Dream Wedding

I went to an absolutely gorgeous, wonderful, romantic, and fun wedding today. This was the first wedding, in fact, that I've ever truly enjoyed. (Normally, I get bored, and I hate mingling and so I end up sitting in a corner at the reception, waiting until the people I know are free again so I can go talk to them.)

Eric and Barb are in their mid-thirties. They're both frighteningly intelligent and hilariously funny. They'd both been single a long time, and the wonder, the joy, the amazed gratefulness in both their eyes throughout the entire day was like a gift to all of us there to share it with them. I think they were the two happiest people I have ever seen in my life.

Instead of rice or bird seed, Eric and Barb gave the guests little bubble containers. So, when the (outdoor) ceremony was over, everyone began blowing bubbles, and they rose up into the blue sky on the slight breeze and it was magical. Then, when Eric and Barb danced their first dance, small children and gray-haired grandpas stood around the dance floor and blew bubbles while they danced.

I wore a form-fitting dress that made me feel very sexy (and not concerned about looking fat), and danced to almost every song ... sometimes just with Shannon, sometimes with Shannon and others (e.g., we twisted enthusiastically to "Twist and Shout" with a good friend named Ann, which was a blast). Shannon danced even more than I did, since I pawned him off on other women when I needed a rest or some water. ("Hm? You're wanting to dance to ABBA? Here! My husband will dance with you!")

PLUS, Eric and Barb had the good taste and foresight to make my husband the "best man."

Shannon (my husband) gave one of the great best-man speeches of all time. The groom was sitting next to me, and turned to me in tears about three times, even though he also kept bursting out laughing at the funny bits. Afterward, Eric said to Shannon, "That meant more to me than I can even tell you," and Shannon replied, "Your friendship has meant more to me than I can tell you." And they were both unsuccessfully fighting back tears.

Numerous people came up to me, or Shannon, or us together, over the course of the rest of the reception, to marvel at how good his speech was. Poor Shannon was a nervous wreck both in advance and while delivering the speech, so I think it was great for him to see how much folks appreciated his efforts. His speech will be one of the things people remember about that wonderful wedding.

I haven't felt this happy in a long time. There's something about being blissfully, joyfully happy for other people that gives it a special savour.

What a beautiful, memorable day.

Of course, now my feet are killing me and I'm swearing never to wear heels again while dancing.
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