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The State of the Kimberly

The damned ENT doc cancelled my appt today ... less than 2 hours before the appt was scheduled (and only 15 minutes or so before I'd planned to leave the house to walk to the bus stop). This happened once before, and it was at the last minute then, too. I made an appt with him, it got cancelled at the last minute, I made a second appt with him, I saw him but had to first sit in his waiting room for more than 2 hours past the scheduled appt time, I made a follow-up appt, it got cancelled at the last minute, I made another appt ... and we'll see what happens.

Very frustrating.

Apparently this guy is some kind of superstar in his field, and I do know that all his patients I spoke to (while sitting in his waiting room for hours) just rave about how wonderful he is. And I did find him very intelligent, responsive, knowledgeable, etc.

I'm afraid I got a bit ... er ... testy with the receptionist. I made this appt more than a month ago, and it was frustrating to have to wait that long. Now I have to wait WEEKS more, because he's booked up into February? This is ridiculous.

Anyway, so that was the bad thing that happened today.

Silver lining: I didn't have to ride the bus when I'm feeling this rotten.

But then I was feeling well enough to walk downtown this afternoon (this was achieved largely by absolute abstention from eating all day and the consumption of a significant amount of ginger ale), where I picked up a prescription, asked the pharmacist for advice about dealing with my nausea (quoth he: "Try ginger"), bought a new brush (my hair is MIGHTY and snaps hairbrushes in half on a regular basis), and then went to weigh myself at the YMCA, because it's just across the street.

Damn. I've been sick for a month, eating almost nothing, feeling like absolute hell, and I haven't lost a single pound. Nothing. I'd figured that all this suffering would at least yield some small small amount of help in that arena. But no. There is no silver lining. There are only dark clouds of CONSTANT NAUSEA! Uh ... sorry ... I was using my dramatic voice there, but you couldn't hear me.

So anyway, I went downtown, and then I came back, and then I had something to eat (around 5pm), and then I felt like hell, and then I read my friends list, but everybody was off doing something more exciting and nobody was writing fic or endeavoring to entertain me while I languished in my nauseated haze. I made some Hanson icons, though, and even liked some of them.

I also wrote a few sentences of a new fic I'm starting. And that's all that shall be said on that subject, since it is food for my fandom journal and shall not be foisted upon the non-fannish among you. I try to be ever respectful in my concern for your fic-free lifestyle choices.

Oh, while I was at the pharmacy, I also bought vitamin B6 tablets, the miracle cure for PMS. If I take 100mg of B6 every single day, I don't get PMS. If I don't, then I do. It's a 100% correlation. I was really really skeptical at first, but I've seen the effects over and over again in the past decade or so. So anyway I was a big stupid-head (all concerned with possible vomiting and such) and let myself run out, and so went a few days without B6 this past week, and so I must now prepare myself for the possibility of PMS in another week or so. Bleh.

I'm trying to think of something good to say, because I just realized that my journal lately has been one big long very annoying whining bitch-fest. Blah blah blah poor me blah blah.

Uh. I got a letter from my cousin('s wife), with a photo of their family. They're Mormon. They now have enough children to have each one hold a big cut-out plastic letter so that together they all spell the word "SEASONS" on their Christmas card. No one should have that many children. It's just ... extravagant. And good god! How in the world would you get them all out of the house in the morning? That's why I prefer cats. (1) They don't cooperate in any stupid cutesie plastic cut-out spelling photo endeavors. (2) I can just leave the house and LEAVE THEM HERE. I can even shut them up in a room and ignore them if they're being bad! I can say, "Get out of my seat, bitch," and CPS won't admonish me for inappropriate language. I don't have to listen to them whine about what all the other cats' owners let them have/do/wear/watch. And I never ever ever have to buy them school shoes. Yay, cats!

Today for dinner I had one of these weird little cans of soup that are ... how do I describe this? They're sort of shaped like a little bottle, convenient for holding in your hand, and you nuke the soup inside and then put on this little sipper-top, and then you don't need a spoon for your soup ... you just sip it through the top! Well, I think this is just fabulous. I mean, I was only able to eat half of it, and it made me really sick, but I think the idea is neat. When I'm really having trouble with eating, having no appetite and all that, something like this is perfect. It's very easy. Coolness.

I'm extremely tired right now, and so am rambling about all kinds of really boring crap. I think it's time for me to drink some flat ginger ale and lie down to see if I'm feeling well enough to sleep.

Good night, all.
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