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Ticket To Ride

Played a game of Ticket To Ride online tonight.

I was playing someone whose name I've seen there frequently ("cats-bc"), so I have to assume s/he is not new to the game, or even new to the online version. (For the sake of pronoun simplicity, let us assume that the player is female.)

But near the end of the game, she was doing some really unwise stuff, making it very obvious that she was heading toward Los Angeles. When I had only 3 trains left, she took the Salt Lake City to Las Vegas route ... leaving the two GRAY spots from LV to LA open.

Uh. Hello. Stupid move. I've only got 3 trains. Chances are that I've finished my tickets and I'm going to end the game soon. I have 4 wagon cards. What are the chances that I'll be able to block your piddly 2 gray route? Pretty damn good.

So OF COURSE I played my trains on the two grays, blocking her from LA.

Her response? "bad behavior, thanks for blocking"

Me: "not bad behavior. this is a game."

Her: "yes, but you can play it fairly or unfairly"

Me: "my play was entirely fair. you might not like it, but it was fair. it's a competition, not a campfire sing-a-long."

Now, this is rather ironic, because I'm generally not fond of games where you can screw other people over ... but I also know that's about ME and what games I like, not about other people being "unfair." Now, if she had accused me of not being "nice," I would have agreed with her. My play was not "nice." On the other hand, I still would have pointed out that the point of the game is not to be nice, it's to try to outsmart the other person and win. And I outsmarted her and won. She doesn't have to like it, but that doesn't mean it was "bad behavior" or "unfair."

And, anyway, this kind of play was her own fault. She left herself wide open, just trusting that I would look the other way, because apparently that's how she plays. Well, when I'm playing a game, I try to avoid giving my opponent an opening, and if I get caught out like she did, I acknowledge that it was my own damn fault for making such a stupid play.

What a whiner.

Perhaps she would be happier playing Go Fish.

And yet I find myself bothered by the accusations. I feel defensive. Probably because I know how she feels. Intellectually, I know I'm right and she was just a poor loser, but emotionally I don't like it when somebody says I'm not a nice person.

I'm as bad as she is, in my own way.
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