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Random Ramble

Left knee hurting like hell again this morning. I'd worry that I've done something seriously bad to it, except that it was fine for a couple days after I made frequent use of the ice packs. So I'll once again spend my day sitting on the couch with very cold knees. And I'll assiduously avoid the things I do that are very bad for my knees, such as my habitual tendency to sit with my left leg bent so that my left foot hooks behind my right knee. Very very bad. I think my tendency to sit that way is probably one of the biggest causes of this knee issue. Bad Kimberly! No donut!

Bad dreams last night. I had one of those "my teeth are falling out" dreams. This time, I dreamt that my left incisor fell out, and when I picked it up it was all gray and corroded. I have a theory that my "teeth falling out" dreams coincide with my bruxism. It makes sense that if I were grinding my teeth, the sound and sensation would inspire relevant dreams.

I also had another rotten night's sleep and feel like I'm about to fall over.

I continue to play this online game called Ticket To Ride, and lately I've been feeling all annoyed that I suck at counting cards. My lack of card-counting ability was always a big problem when I played contract bridge, but it's also been a minor problem in many of the games I play with Shannon. In Ticket To Ride, it would be good to be able to keep track of what color trains people are taking, since it's open information until the cards disappear into their hands. But I completely suck at remembering it. I considered keeping a chart for each game I play, keeping track of which colors each player chooses, when they choose them, which ones they have played, etc. But it seems really obsessive, so I haven't done it. I just wish I could do it in my head. But I've always sucked at that.

I did some work last night on the mini-website I'm creating to house my S/X fic, and much hilarity ensued as I proceeded to do many things wrong. It's been a while since I did any extensive html coding, so I had some table problems (though kjf's suggestion to use my tiling borders as the background of cells in a table worked fabulously), which I eventually realized were being caused by default cellpadding and cellspacing. Once I set those to 0, I was in much better shape. But I'd also gotten all mixed up when creating the images, because I'd tried them at two different sizes. Well, they all had to fit together to create a sort of puzzle, but I'd stored one piece at the smaller (correct) size and stored the others at the larger (original) size. So when I stuck them all together, it looked pretty wacky. But all is well now, and the thing looks like I wanted it to. Now I just have to work on getting the content coded correctly. And maybe some nice title images for each fic. And maybe a nice splash page. I love this stuff.
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