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On People Thinking I'm a Megalomaniac Asshole

I was having a great time playing Ticket To Ride online in its current beta release at Skotos, and was having a lot of fun with it, until a bit of online miscommunication.

See, I was playing this 4-player game in which the 3 other players ganged up on me over and over again, thwarting my plans so that I ended up having to do all this random circuitous shit in order to accomplish my goals. Which I DID, despite all their efforts, the little jerks. But I wasn't mad at them, because ... you know ... it's a GAME. The point is to try to best the other people, not to hold hands and sing Cumbaya.

So, anyway, I was very excited that I managed to accomplish my goals, especially since I knew I was holding hidden "victory condition" cards that meant I had almost no chance at winning the game. I'd completed all my routes, but they gave so few points that I was pretty much screwed.

And because these guys made me go all over to hell and gone to go from point A to point B, I had run out of trains faster than they did. Which means that *I* decide when the game ends, because when I have only 2 trains left, everyone gets one more turn and we're done.

So we get to this point in the game, and Random Guy #3 starts addressing me in the chat window, begging me to let it go two more rounds, instead of going out right away as I had been obviously planning.

So I replied something along the lines of, "After you all worked so hard to screw me earlier in the game? Ha! I bear a grudge!" And then I played a train that triggered the end of the game.

So this pouty little man (I'm sure it was a male, though "man" may be overly complimentary) types in the chat window something along the lines of "Fine. You just go out, and win, and hold a grudge."

I had various strong emotional responses to this "Fine, then you just be a poopy-pants, then, why don't you?" exchange with the pouty little man:
  1. What? No! I wasn't serious! Don't be mad!

  2. What? You took me seriously? Are you a moron or what?

  3. What? You expected me to help you out after you'd spent the whole game playing harsh?

  4. What? You think this is some kind of cooperative enterprise? It's a GAME, and not one that involves partners. I'm your opponent. Don't ask me favors. Especially when you've done me no favors, yourself.

  5. What? No! I wasn't serious! Don't be mad! Really! I'm sorry! *whimpers pathetically*

  6. Now everybody's mad at me and thinks I'm a poor sport and they're off writing snotty journal entries about me and misquoting me to make me sound rotten and I hate it when people don't like me!

  7. Big dumb idiots. I think I'll go curl up under a quilt and watch something comforting on tv. TV never hates me.

I actually did try to explain that I'd been joking, but all three of the guys just logged off ... after they discovered that I DIDN'T win (no surprise to me), by quite a large margin.

I hate it when people think I'm an asshole and don't even let me explain.

It's so stupid to cry about stuff like this. Some random guy on the internet thinks I'm a bitch. Tough noogies. Still ... stuff like this gets to me.
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