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A Day of World War II Stuff ... and groceries

Ended up having a pretty good day.

I took good care of my knee -- meaning that I iced it twice and elevated it and all that good stuff -- and it's now not hurting at all. Yay! I'm very relieved, because I was hoping to swim tomorrow.

Shannon and I watched the second episode of Band of Brothers (a thus-far-very-interesting WW II series focusing on a unit of paratroopers who initially dropped into France near Sainte-Mère-Eglise -- 7 km away from their intended drop point -- on D-Day). The second episode of the series is simply insane -- it's the episode in which they actually fly to Normandy and drop from the planes, which are in the process of being shot down, only to find themselves lost in unfamiliar terrain with some of their equipment missing because it was destroyed during the jump. It was just crazy. (I kept thinking, "And these guys volunteered to do this?")

After watching Band of Brothers, we then played a game of "Memoir 44," the WW II board game we've been playing a lot lately. (In fact, we had previously played the scenario set during the attack on Sainte-Mère-Eglise, so it was neat when that location was mentioned in Band of Brothers, since we were a bit familiar with what happened there.) This time, we played the game version of the Allied attack on Sword Beach. Shannon was playing the Germans, and I was playing the Allies (mostly British infantry and tanks, but with a few British special forces units mixed in). Shannon won, and I was a little disappointed that I hadn't made better use of my troops until Shannon pointed out that in the actual battle, the Allies were defeated at Sword Beach in a terrible blow to the attack on Normandy. Well, okay. If the real soldiers couldn't do it, either, then I don't feel so bad that I wasn't able to make it work. In this game, it's always exciting when you're able to win even though your side lost in the historical battle on which the scenario is based. Normally, I loathe war games, but I love this one and am always eager to play it.

Nothing much else happened. We bought groceries. It was exciting.

Time for bed. Back to job hunting tomorrow, though I won't be able to do anything that requires dealing with other people, since they'll all have the day off because of the holiday. Whatever it is. I can't keep track of holidays unless they have a definite seasonal/date-related placement in the calendar. I can never remember when Memorial Day and Labor Day and ... ... Oh, wait. It must be Memorial Day tomorrow, because there's been all this WW II stuff going on. Right. Well ... I guess we've been celebrating it rather appropriately, no?
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