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News Flash: Today is not Thursday

Woke up this morning to the sudden realization that today was NOT Thursday, and that I had therefore missed my weekly phone date with my brother. Sheesh. I was so SURE today was going to be Thursday, but then I suddenly realized that Shannon had gamers over last night ... and that happens on Thursdays. Damn. I shouldn't lose track of days like this!

Anyway, so I'll phone my brother this afternoon and leave him a message if he's not there. I don't have anything particularly pressing to talk about, but I just like to keep in touch.

So when I got up this morning, I immediately did a load of laundry, because I wanted to wear one of the new shirts I bought yesterday at Ross. I don't trust stuff I buy at Ross to be clean when I buy it -- one of the shirts even wore some slight smudges that looked like make-up -- so must do laundry.

I managed to finish Chapter 2 of my Spander Inquisition fic yesterday. Woo hoo! Well, it's all going to need significant editing when it's finished (I'll probably start looking for a beta reader eventually), but at least the first draft is done. Today I plan to dig my teeth and claws into Chapter 3 after calling my brother. Thus far, I have about 6500 words written, and about 10,000 to go. Luckily, I contacted the woman running the ficathon, and she said it would be fine for me to submit only the first chapter (since it satisfies the parameters assigned to me) and continue writing the rest even past the May 8 deadline. That lessens the pressure considerably. Of course, I'd still prefer to finish the whole thing before the deadline.

Picked up my new glasses yesterday, and I love them muchly. They have a very slight cat's-eye shape, like glasses from the 50s, but the frames are very narrow metal. Yeah, I could post a photo, but I'm lazy. Anyway, these are some of the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn, except for one thing: something about them gives me the constant impression that I have a single hair caught in my glasses and brushing against my skin. Repeated examinations of the glasses themselves show that this is not the case. I don't know if it's that these frames sit closer to my face/eyes, and I therefore have eyelashes hitting the lens, or that the frames somehow are occasionally touching my eyebrows, or what. It's very distracting.

I've now bought an obscene amount of music from iTunes. Okay, perhaps not obscene ... but ... racy? Only 23 songs, actually. Still, lots of good stuff. Yay!

In other news, I have about a gazillion emails I need to answer, but I just don't have the energy to do so. Bleh.

Time to go eat something.
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