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Phone date with the brother boy today. Finally remembered to ask him if he liked the two Appleseed graphic novels we gave him for Christmas, and was happy to hear that he LOVES them. We'll have to get him the third one this year. He's apparently dying to know what happens.

Beautiful sunny weather outside, and so we have our futon out getting a suntan. Supposed to do this every few months or something, but the futon is so unwieldy that it's difficulty to motivate myself to deal with it.

Sunning the futon largely because I decided to do a full-scale bedding change. I even threw the non-down comforter into the laundry and then spent 10 minutes or so finagling the down comforter into its slip cover. That's always an adventure. See how exciting my life is? Adventures in Bedding.

I decided to go ahead and buy the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CD that has Steve Conte's "Call Me Call Me" on it, because I just love that song too much and can't find it anywhere else. I also have the Cowboy Bebop episode "Hard Luck Woman" saved on the TiVo so that I can watch it again, because the end always makes me cry. *sniff*

I desperately need to clean my office. The piles have grown so advanced that they are beginning to give birth to baby piles. It's getting ridiculous. There's a pile of CDs sitting to my left which has barely changed (except to occasionally grow slightly) in months. (It includes the excellent "Girls Kick Ass" CDs from chantal87.) To my right, the giant stack of poetry books: Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Marianne Moore. Further to my right, the Japanese pile, including The Anime Companion and a book about Hayao Miyazaki. And beyond Japan, there's the Peter Pan pile, including books about Edwardian costuming and Victorian police. Yeah, most of my piles are books, interspersed with loose papers covered with notes about all kinds of random stuff and the occasional CD, just to give the pile that oh-so-stylish teetering effect.

Yeah, my piles need attention.

In other -- interesting to no one but me -- news, I have my Spander Inquisition ficathon assignment, and find myself frozen with anxiety. Apparently I do NOT work best under pressure. I keep thinking, "I have to finish it by May 8th! And I have no idea what to write!" And that isn't even true, because I do have a general idea of what I want to write ... I just have some difficulty forcing it to satisfy the requested parameters. I don't think I'll be signing up for any more ficathons, because I don't like being given an assignment to fit particular things into my story, when they might not fit with the story ideas bouncing around in my head. But I will write the Spander story I have committed to in this case, even if it sucks.

Generally, been feeling busy, but extremely antisocial. In other words, nothing new.
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