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Terminator 3 ... Good God Let's Hope He Won't Be Back

Watched Terminator 3 on DVD tonight, and was not disappointed. Of course, that's because I'd heard that it sucked.

If nothing else, we got to watch our illustrious governor wreaking havoc and causing all kinds of mayhem and destruction ... and I won't even make the obvious California state budget jokes.

Bad movie. Not only almost entirely derivative of the previous two Terminators (both of which I liked quite a bit), but also almost entirely lacking in characterization, humor, dramatic tension, interesting dialogue, and exciting special effects. Oh, and let's not forget good acting. The guy playing John Connor didn't come even remotely close to being as interesting as the young Edward Furlong in the previous movie.

The plot was actually okay, surprisingly enough, but very very badly written. The first two Terminators were written by James Cameron (he of Aliens, The Abyss, etc.) -- along with one or two co-writers -- and directed by him as well. Terminator 3, on the other hand, was written by a huddle of three fairly inexperienced writer-chefs who between them managed to quite thoroughly spoil the broth. And Terminator 3's director -- Jonathan Mostow -- is well-known for such sparkling blockbusters as Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers.

Not only all that, but Terminator 3 was -- and this is the final kiss of death -- an action movie without good action sequences. There were plenty of explosions and crashes, but it all just sort of fell flat. And the fight scenes were just plain boring, not nearly as well choreographed, executed, and edited as those on television shows like "Alias" and "Angel" (and maybe some other shows that start with "A").

I wonder how much money was put into this stinker without them even being able to manage a good fight scene.

That breeze you're feeling? It comes from me shaking my head in unsurprised disgust.
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