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Damn. Bad dreams last night. The only one I remember very well involved various people, one after the other, criticizing me about my weight. Strangers, family, and friends. Bleh.

Woke up, came out to read my friends list, and found 3 different posts from different people all about the glorious wonders of dieting. Hearing/reading about dieting has always felt like a slap in the face, a reiteration of the "fat is bad" message that my mother ground my nose into most of my life. It pretty much always inspires me to become obsessive about not eating and to feel really rotten about myself, no matter what my current weight. I could weigh 93 pounds, and it would still make me feel like crap. I know that dieting talk is rarely intended to send that message (though in my family it almost always is), but that knowledge doesn't change my emotional reaction.

These past few years, I have chosen in my life not to associate with people who identify fat as bad, because I do not find it helpful and usually find it hurtful.

Despite my own decision never to diet again after a quarter-century of doing so, I have absolutely no opinion on whether other people diet ... I just don't want to hear about it. I thought I had gleaned most of the eager dieters off my friends list previously. Probably time to do so again. No criticism intended to anyone ... just taking care of myself.
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