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Gaming Instead of Shopping

So today is supposed to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Bleh. Good reason to stay home!

We had another day of games. Ate turkey leftovers for lunch, then played the original Carcassonne game, which is much simpler than the Hunters and Gatherers version. I still enjoyed it, but am looking forward to playing it with the expansion sets that Shannon says make it more fun.

We also played a new two-player card game Shannon bought, called Lost Cities. The game's cards fall into five categories, representing explorations to lost cities of Atlantis, the ancient Maya, the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, and a snowy place that looked to me like Nepal -- but the mechanics of the game resemble a marriage of rummy and simultaneous solitaire, as both people place cards in their own set of parallel rows in numerical order. You can see a picture of what I mean here. It's actually a pretty simplistic game, but enjoyable even so. Not as complex and creative as Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, for example, but more so than ordinary rummy. I'll definitely play it again.

Shannon is working on building a collection of two-player games I like, so that there's always something we can play when we feel like it. While I have a tendency to become obsessed with one game at a time, Shannon likes a lot of variety, so this will help keep him from getting burnt out. Good idea.
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