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Comics, Games, and Turkeys

To folks interested in comics, especially locally: Comic Relief -- our extremely well-beloved local comic book store, owned by our extremely well-beloved friend Rory -- is having a bit of a cash flow problem right now. If you're interested in buying comics, graphic novels, manga, anime DVDs, related action figures, etc. (either for yourself or as holiday gifts), you should go check them out. They also sell by mail order (you can email them at They don't have an online catalogue -- since they stock more than 9,000 titles in graphic novels alone -- but if there's something you're looking for, there's a good chance they have it.

So Shannon and I are planning to swing by Comic Relief tomorrow and do some Christmas shopping. I was planning to buy my brother Alan some graphic novels, anyway, so Comic Relief's situation gives me some motivation to buy earlier instead of waiting. I'm also going to buy myself another volume of Ranma 1/2, since Shannon told me they have it in stock right now.

In other news, tonight we played another Mystery Rummy game, this one called "Jekyll and Hyde". It was fun, though not quite as good as the "Jack the Ripper" Mystery Rummy game. Still, they're both interesting card games, fun for two players (in fact, the "Jekyll and Hyde" game is made exclusively for two players), which is always nice for Shannon and me. We like to have games around which we can just play spontaneously without having to invite people over.

In other other news, Shannon and I had a good talk about holiday stuff, and I think we've come up with good compromises. We're going to minimize his involvement in all planning and let me just take care of everything, though I must admit that I keep consulting him, largely because I'm afraid to spend too much money. But we decided on a holiday gift budget, which makes me happy because now I can start shopping (as mentioned above regarding my brother).

I've ordered a complete Thanksgiving dinner from a local grocery store, and now I need only learn how to carve a turkey. I'm not sure if we even have the right kind of knife! So I looked up directions on, and will study them with all diligence in an attempt to avoid producing a dusty pile of shredded meat. Or chopping off my fingers. 'Cause that would be bad.
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