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Lack of Manga

See my new icon? Pretty Inu-Yasha. I made it myself 'cause I wanted an IY icon for my posts about manga.

Anyway, went down to the comic book store tonight. Saw my ex-boyfriend Z there, which frequently happens. Z mostly doesn't speak to me anymore, though, so we simply nodded our heads to acknowledge each other's existence without actually speaking any words. I believe he and Shannon also exchanged silent nods. It's all very ... uh ... polite. (To be honest, I sometimes miss Z's friendship, but that ship sailed years ago and ain't comin' back to this port ever again.)

I was disappointed to discover that the comic book store had sold out of every single Inu-Yasha and Ranma 1/2 volume I'd been hoping to buy. 5 different books, and they were sold out of all of them. Grr.

Luckily, the store owner (Rory) was there, and he's a friend of mine. I ended up talking with him a long time, and (at my request) he recommended some other stuff I might like. So I still ended up spending about $60, but I didn't get what I'd specifically planned to buy. Ah well.

Instead I bought something called Blankets, which is written by the same guy who wrote Goodbye, Chunky Rice (which I adored beyond description). Also, the first volume of Usagi Yojimbo, which Rory has been recommending to me for years. Something about a rabbit samurai. Doesn't grab me at first glance, but he's been recommending it so vociferously that I finally caved. Lastly, I bought some silly little manga called Iron Wok Jan!, which is Iron Chef-like.

Looking forward to reading the new stuff ... if I can get my brain in gear. I haven't even been able to get interested in Ranma 1/2 lately, but maybe I'm just needing something new. We'll see.
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