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Gray Hair

I'm getting a lot of gray in my hair now. When I wear my hair down, I barely notice it, but it's really obvious when I pull my hair back. And I like to wear my hair pulled back, so it's sort of like I'm showing it off. Hey! Look at me with my gray hairs!

When I first started getting gray hairs, about 10 years ago, my mom would pull them out of my head with no warning. I told her to knock it off, because I would rather have gray hair than be bald.

My mom dyes her hair to cover the gray, so I currently have more gray hair than my mother does. I tease her about that. I have more gray hair than my grandmother, too, for the same reason. I long ago promised myself that I wouldn't get caught up in the social (and familial) pressure to "color" my gray hair. I'm offended by the cultural pressure to deny one's age. The young are not the only people who can be beautiful.

I really don't mind gray hairs. Good thing, because they've been accumulating very fast over the past few years. If I'm going to beautiful or not, it isn't going to be determined by whether I soak my head in chemicals every few weeks.
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