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Going to San Francisco

Shannon and I went in to the city for dinner tonight for our third wedding anniversary. (Note: "The city" is San Francisco. Everyone calls San Francisco "the city", but it's not like we live on a farm or anything. I think it's because all of us in the Bay Area live in cities, but San Francisco is THE city.)

Anyway, as I was saying, we went in to the city and had dinner at Greens, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in Fort Mason, overlooking docks full of sailboats, behind which was the bay, behind which were the hills of the Marin headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge, behind which was the sky at sunset. Beautiful!

We had a wonderful dinner, during which we talked about random things (including some discussion of why I was vegetarian for a couple of years) and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Afterward, we took a cab back to BART (the underground trains which would take us back to Berkeley), and I just kept looking around the city from the back of the moving taxi.

San Francisco is just incredibly beautiful. I used to go across the bay frequently, but tonight I realized how very few times I've visited the city during the past couple years. I was seeing all these familiar landmarks -- Ghirardelli Square, the Transamerica Pyramid, Fog City Diner, the cable car tracks, the ferry building -- and I felt this tremendous sense of nostalgia ... as if I was unexpectedly visiting a place I'd forgotten existed. The architecture of the homes is so different from Berkeley -- and, indeed, from most places -- and the angles and curves are so graceful.

It was like falling in love with San Francisco all over again.

And so the cab deposited us at our destination: Embarcadero Station. We got on BART, and held hands on the train, and walked home in the cold, and here we are at home in Berkeley again, preparing to sleep for the night. It has been a lovely anniversary, with my husband I love so very much.

And ... I'll be in San Francisco again on Thursday for afternoon tea. And the thought makes me smile.
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