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Afternoon Random Ramble

Nice weather today. Sunny, clear skies with some fluffy white clouds, a cool breeze setting the trees in motion ... that's the stuff. My favorite kind of weather, actually, is colder. Either cloudy or clear -- but not raining -- with a nice calm wind, and cool enough temperature to warrant some clothes layering and maybe even a pair of gloves. I think that's my favorite kind of weather because it reminds me of Scotland. I wonder if everyone has favorite kinds of weather. Some people probably couldn't care less.

I'm feeling much better this morning. Still not planning on auditioning for the local production of Oklahoma! (if there were such a thing), but certainly feeling better than yesterday. I think perhaps eating helped. Funny, that.

This morning I was watching a television show called Animal Precinct, and Cobweb (our Smart Cat) was watching it with me. She particularly loves shows about dogs, for some reason. She just sits about 12 inches from the television and stares with great fascination. She seemed quite disappointed when the show was over and I turned off the tv. Perhaps I should have just played the show again for her when I left the room. Life as an indoor cat has to be pretty boring sometimes, when both your people are too busy to pet you and play with you. No wonder she goes and attacks her sister so often.

We're considering getting a third cat: a kitten. Cobweb and Munchkin are getting to be fat, lazy old women, and so we figure a kitten might help them stay a bit more spry. Given the fact that I, too, am getting to be a fat, lazy old woman, the kitten might get me racing around the house, as well. Shannon thinks this is likely, because I will be running after the kitten, crying, "Don't break that! Don't climb that! No! Don't scratch that!" Yeah, probably. It's so difficult for control freaks to parent kittens ... I know from experience.
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