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Kerfuffles killed the radio star ...

After reading a post by eliade just now, I realized why it is that I've become so little involved in Buffy fandom since getting involved on LiveJournal.

Before LiveJournal, I maintained a BTVS fan website, wrote fanfic, enthusiastically corresponded with other fans, etc. I initially came to LiveJournal in a bid to become even more involved in the Buffy fandom ... which I did. I came to know many more fans.

But I don't deal well with the phenomenon many call "the kerfuffle". Everyone gets all in a tizzy about something that really doesn't matter, and they start calling each other names and turning it all personal ... and every time this happens, I take a few steps further back.

By now, several months after I came to LiveJournal, I've taken so many steps back that I'm no longer easily identifiable as a member of Buffy fandom at all. I still have fannish friends, and I enjoy their fanfic and their posts about Buffy issues, but I mostly don't think or talk about the fandom independently anymore.

LiveJournal killed my interest in the fandom. Kerfuffles drove me away. Interesting.
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