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9/11, Peter Pan, The Incredible Hulk, Shrek, and Jar Jar Binks

I was telling Shannon last night that one of the reasons I haven't been writing in my journal very much lately is that I don't even find my own thoughts very interesting lately. I can't imagine how I used to write so many journal entries, before. I mean, should I write about the annoying construction noise coming from the street? About the fact that the Smart Cat seems to have suddenly grown even more portly? About how Shannon threw her into the trash can?

Okay, I suppose I could write about the play we went to see at Berkeley Rep a couple weeks ago, called The Guys. It was really good. It was about the emotional aftermath of 9/11 on New Yorkers. I cried -- which I had expected -- but I laughed, too -- which I hadn't expected. It's basically a dramatization of a woman's real life interviews with a real life fire captain who needed help writing eulogies for some of his men who died in the towers. I think it was the best play I saw in this past year. (And I saw 5 or 6, including 2 others I really liked.) Joe Spano was so wonderful as the fire captain that I just fell in love with him.

And, now that I mention 9/11, today I watched a Nova episode called "Why The Towers Fell", going into all the architectural stuff to try to explain why the towers collapsed instead of remaining standing. They even interviewed the original architect, who talked quite a bit about the original design and construction back in the '60s. Now, I personally believe that very few buildings would withstand that sort of attack, since it combined the initial impact with fuel with fire etc. etc. etc. But I don't know jack about architecture, so don't listen to me. At any rate, these guys (not the Nova guys ... some architectural safety guys who go around analyzing this sort of stuff so that they can make safety recommendations to try to prevent the same thing from happening again) came up with some recommendations about improving the fireproofing, enclosing the stairwells in concrete, that sort of thing. It was all really interesting.

A couple weeks ago, I watched a Nova episode about the coelecanth. I love Nova. They show all kinds of fascinating science stuff, but make it easy to understand. I've always found science really interesting ... though literature is my first love.

Oh! Speaking of my first love! When I was down south, I saw a preview for a new Peter Pan movie that'll be coming out soon! Yeah, Peter Pan was my first love. (Immediately followed by Speed Racer. My affection for animated men started early.) Anyway, the trailer looked really good, and there hasn't ever been a Peter Pan movie that satisfied my exacting tastes, so now I'm all excited to see the movie. They've got a cute kid playing Peter, and he looks right and seems to have the right vibe to him. And they've got a Wendy I can tolerate (the ad focused more on Peter, of course).

So when did I see this trailer, you may ask? My brother wanted to see "The Hulk". Sigh. I loved the old tv show with Lou Ferrigno when I was a little kid, but this new CGI Hulk was very distracting. He looked like a very muscular Shrek leaping all over the place. Must admit that Jennifer Connelly remains as beautiful as ever, though. Even when acting beside a giant Shrek.

And, you know, even my brother didn't like "The Hulk". He described it as "a good lead-in". A good 2 1/2 hour lead-in to a story they haven't yet begun to tell. Because we both found it very ... very ... very ... very long. I started needing to use the bathroom at the 1 1/2 hour mark, but I thought, "Oh, it'll be over soon, so I might as well stay to see the ending." By the time the damned movie was over, I was about ready to pee my pants! And all that happened in the damned movie was that they figured out why he was The Hulk and then he ran away because the idiots kept shooting him. There. I've spoiled it for you. Just read the comics. This movie is bad. Long, and slow, and pretentious, and melodramatic, and Shrek-ly CGI'd, and bad. If they want to use CGI on this level, they should talk to ILM, 'cause George Lucas knows how to do it right. Jar Jar Binks might have been annoying as hell, but he didn't look like an animated character stuck into a live-action movie.

Hm. I didn't think I had anything to write about. Well, there you go. Maybe I just need to trim my fingernails. They've gotten so long that typing is awkward. Okay. I'm gone.
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