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Tonight's Buffy Episode: "Him"

I was really disappointed in tonight's Buffy episode. I'll put my thoughts in a cut, just in case anyone who hasn't seen the episode is reading this.

I thought this episode mostly played out like a bad fanfic of the "Uh-oh! A spell goes wrong and wreaks waaaaaacky havoc among the Scoobies!" genre. Some of the scenes seemed to go on about 10 times longer than they needed to, and I found myself make the same face I sometimes make when I'm on the phone with my mom ... the "Come on, come on, wrap it up, I can see where you're going, so we don't need to belabor it" face.

One thing I did appreciate was how the four women involved -- Buffy, Willow, Anya, and Dawn -- all morphed into their cliched personas on the series when they were trying to get RJ's attention. Buffy went to kill something. Willow went to cast a spell. Anya went to get money. And Dawn went to be a victim.

I mean ... it sort of turns them into caricatures instead of fully developed, complex characters, but I still thought it was mildly clever.

I also kind of enjoyed seeing Buffy acting like the chipper Bot. She even straddled RJ in the classroom. Too bad she never told Dawn, "You should see him naked!"

It was rather disconcerting to see Spike acting as Xander's mild-mannered, obedient side-kick. Spike is Xander's side-kick now? XANDER'S side-kick? Lo, how the mighty have fallen! How badly I wanted him to say something snarky! I miss the old Spike. Watching him meekly and silently follow Xander around while Nerdboy barked orders at him just felt ... wrong.

And I felt like a heck of a lot of the dialogue throughout the episode (about denying other people's feelings, for example) was All. About. Spike.

But then I always think that.

Maybe if I rewatch the episode when I'm less delirious from lack of sleep, I'll have more cogent thoughts with which I'll amaze and enlighten you. *shrug* I doubt it. But, for now, that's all I've got. Forgive me if it doesn't make sense. I'm zombified.
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