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Tonight's Buffy

Some very brief and random thoughts on tonight's episode:

Why the heck was Buffy so hoarse in the first couple scenes? And why was The First (in Buffy's shape) also very hoarse? Did SMG go to a big concert the night before filming, or something, and scream her head off?

Clem! No, don't drive to L.A. with all the other dummies, just because you've heard everyone is happy there since Jasmine came to town! I've missed Clem. Ah well. Maybe he'll appear on "Angel". :)

Loved pretty much Everything Xander in this episode, especially the hospital bits. Really touching, and I've been missing the Willow/Xander interaction for a long time now.

When Xander first walked in the door at Buffy's house, home from the hospital, and the big "Welcome Home" sign was hanging above the mantle with all the Potentials ranged beneath it, I turned to Shannon and said, "Welcome home! We got you a couple dozen young nubile girls!"

Loved that Andrew wrote "breakup sex" on the board during Anya's rambly ramble to the Potentials in the basement. He even underlined it for emphasis! Hee.

How much am I loving Faith? She was written brilliantly in this episode, in my opinion. Very consistant with the character's past, but also showing a new maturity and sensitivity that was very believable. But, you know, I don't think we've heard her say "five by five" yet since her return! Perhaps she's a pod person! Nah.

Loved Faith's remark about Anya's rambling about sex with Xander and shutting her up by commenting on the fact that she had him first. Hee! I love Faith.

Loved the role reversal between Buffy and Faith, with Faith now being the one people trust in a leadership role and Buffy being the one who's on the outside looking in because she's been too reckless. Beautifully predicted with Faith's lines when she first reappeared on the show this season in the graveyard -- where Spike and Buffy were very couply, I might add -- when she asked with some confusion whether she was the "good Slayer" now. So much in this episode was predicted in lovely ways earlier in the season, which made it very intellectually satisfying for me.

Kennedy beating up cops at The Bronze actually made me like her more than I had previously. Especially when she disarmed Mr. You'd All Better Stay Here, Little Ladies, Or I'll Fuck Your Shit Up.

I wonder what it is that "only she can wield", and what it does. Can't wait to find out! Seems like it implies that Buffy being separated from everyone else isn't necessarily bad, since "only she" can wield this important thing.

Wow, gotta say ... everybody's looking old. Faith, Willow, and Spike were the ones I noticed most. They look so much older than they did a few years ago. They're all getting a lot of wrinkles. I mean, I'm not one to talk, but I'm not on tv, ya know? And I'm not playing a vampire who isn't supposed to be aging, either. If Spike is going to continue to appear on "Angel", they're going to have to turn him human just to explain the aging.

Okay. Question time. Have I been reading way too much fanfic, or have other people thought that this season seems fanfic-aware? I keep getting the feeling that somebody out there's been reading fanfic and snickering, and then putting bits of it into the episodes. I mean ... Faith and Wood hooking up next week, while Spike and Buffy are cuddling in some hideaway together? And Spike and Xander looking at each other when Random Girl-In-Trouble asked if anyone present hadn't slept together? None of the other moments that struck me are leaping to mind right now, but I keep noticing things like this and wondering about them, but figure I'm just tainted by fanfic and seeing it everywhere.
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