January 31st, 2016

me with green hair

Resting Up

My stomach has been doing okay since last Tuesday, but walking to CWC on Friday totally wiped me out, so apparently I'm still tiring easily, still recovering from that flu. As a result, I took it easy yesterday and basically did nothing but rest (and my various PT exercises). Today I'm going to walk downtown, less than 2 miles round-trip, and figure that won't be too much. I have to decide what I'm doing on Monday, though. Normally, I would walk to CWC (about 2 miles), then to the gym (another mile), then work out, then walk home (about 2 miles), but that sounds like obviously too much. I think I'll walk to CWC in the morning and see how I feel, then decide whether to walk home or take the bus, but definitely not go to the gym. I have an actual appointment at the gym on Wednesday, so I want to rest up and get well enough for that.

I'm feeling good about my knee PT right now. I can actually feel the difference, my muscles getting stronger and the exercises getting easier. That feedback makes the whole thing seem really rewarding. So my attitude and outlook are both really positive.

REQUEST: I'm on the look-out for some good books to listen to on audio, so suggestions would be most welcome. Something really absorbing but not too depressing. In particular, characters overcoming hardships—like the Hunger Games books and the Stieg Larsson trilogy—are right up my street. YA is very welcome, but not necessary. Any ideas for me, you few remaining readers out there?