December 6th, 2015

me with green hair

Random Misc.

We got a Christmas tree! I haven't had a tree since I lived at home, before I left for college. I.e., nearly 30 years ago. I'm enjoying it tremendously. We got a really beautiful tree: 6'6" tall and very full. It looks great with the lights and ornaments on it, and I plug the lights in whenever the room seems even close to dark enough for them to show. I was always afraid that our cats would climb a Christmas tree or chew on the wires to the lights or something else that would kill or maim them and/or cause property damage, but thus far our only real problem is that Callisto thinks the bowl under the tree is actually a giant *kitty* water bowl, rather than a *tree* water bowl, and she keeps drinking out of it. I can't imagine the tree sap and needles are good for her, but we can't seem to stop her from doing it, so I'm just trying to make sure I keep an eye on the water level so the tree doesn't die prematurely of cat-induced dehydration.

My hair has been morphing slowly, changing a bit every time I wash it, and it's now much closer to an aqua blue shade, but also much more unevenly colored. The right side of my head is still really quite dramatically blue-green, but the rest is moving more toward my usual brown with just hints of aqua here and there. It looks weird and I'm much less fond of it now, but it'll eventually wash out. In the meantime, *shrug*. I still enjoy the color; I just wish its distribution was a bit more even. Once upon a time, this probably would have been fodder for tears and drama, but "in my old age" I just don't care that much what other people think about how I look, and so I consider it mostly just a temporary minor inconvenience.

Shannon and I are talking about turning our "family room"/"guest room" into an "exercise room," because it didn't work very well as a guest room when my friend Julia was staying with us back at the beginning of the year. It's just too close to our own bedroom and the door is very noisy. So we're talking about buying an exercise bike and some small free weights when Christmas money comes in from relatives this year, plus setting up an area for playing our Dance Dance Revolution game, as well.

Since those things wouldn't need to take up the whole room, I requested that a corner be set aside for me to use as an art area, and Shannon thought that sounded like a fine idea, so I'm now looking into buying a proper art/drawing/drafting table which I could use instead of hunching over the coffee table when I work on art at home. I'm very excited at the prospect.

Today we saw the Berkeley Playhouse production of "Peter Pan," and I wasn't very impressed. I don't have a lot more to say about that. The only moment that really moved me at all was when the Lost Boys were all expressing their longing to have a mother to take care of them ... and that wasn't really the play that was moving me; it was just my own issues getting poked.

Speaking of art and mothers, I've been doing a lot of work lately on a collage book about my childhood trauma issues, and I think its interacting well with the work I've been doing at La Cheim.

Yes, I'm still at La Cheim, though now only 2 days/week. I finish up a week from Tuesday, and I'm going to be EXTREMELY glad to have more free time again. La Cheim has been very useful and helpful to me, but it's also made my life very busy, and that has been stressful. Plus, I haven't gotten to go to my Thursday morning writing group (with Julia and Crystal) for MONTHS. I can't wait!

I haven't been feeling hypomanic the past couple days, so I'm hoping my current meds solution (80 mg Geodon in addition to the Neurontin and Xanax I was taking before) is working. It's making me groggy and tired in the mornings, though, so I'm hoping that's just temporary and my body will eventually adjust. I'm seeing the Meds Doc on Wednesday, so we'll talk about it then.