September 17th, 2015

me, me without glasses

Gray hair

Waiting for my ride & thought I'd scribble a couple thoughts.

The day before yesterday, I stopped in at Noah's Bagels for a sandwich to eat while I was walking to BART. The woman at the counter asked me (hoping to offer a discount) whether I am a "senior." I answered, "Nope. Just prematurely gray," and we chuckled about it. I made clear that I wasn't offended by the question, because I wasn't (and am not, since it is asked upon occasion).

Then yesterday I was on the bus, and a sprightly gentleman around 70 years old approached me and told me, "You are so beautiful!" I thanked him, and he continued, "You know one of the things that makes you most beautiful? You don't dye your hair!" I smiled and thanked him again, and considered it a genuine compliment.

I have no problem with my gray hair, really. I've thought about how neat it would be to dye it, so that only the gray strands were some bright color (maybe Cookie Monster blue), to create a different kind of striated effect, but research showed that idea to be unfeasible (because gray hair does not hold pigment as easily as the rest of your hair does). But I don't mind that the gray makes me look older. The gray in my hair has featured in every one of my self-portraits, too. It's part of me, and I love it, and my handsome, prematurely-balding husband seems to think I'm beautiful, so ... I see no problem. I think it's sad that so many people think it needs to be covered up.

Edited to Add: I *am* thinking about cutting it short again, though, just for convenience's sake. I had one short haircut I really liked, so I could take photos with me to the salon. Maybe this weekend.