August 30th, 2015

me blue hair

Wonderful day with the hubby

Had a tremendous day today, helped by the fact that I've been tremendously hypomanic. (I'm seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow, so we'll talk about this fact then.)

Woke early & got lots of stuff done before Shannon woke an hour or so later, upon which I came into the bedroom to ask excitedly, "Want to go on that bike ride we talked about?" He groggily agreed, and we left maybe half an hour later.

We biked along the lovely Ohlone Greenway to El Cerrito Plaza to have lunch at the Rubio's there. Along the way, I kept talking to random strangers, complimenting them on their clothing and such. Shannon kept asserting. "Yup. Hypomanic."

We had a great lunch, then did some minor shopping. (I'm trying to find The Republic of Tea's "get some zzz's" tea, to make it part of the "getting ready for bed" routine I'm building to improve my sleep.)

Then we biked home, but the last half mile or so was just too much for me, as it's all uphill. I noticed that I was exhausted enough to be focusing all my attention on keeping the bike from wobbling and avoiding pot holes ... which left me no attention left to devote to the passing cars. Dangerous. So we got off our bikes and walked them the rest of the way. Still, we biked about 8.5 miles, which is small potatoes for Shannon but terrific for me, since I haven't really biked much in the past few years, and not at all in the past 18 months or so! I'm very proud of myself.

Along the course of the day, we stopped several times to read from our latest book we're sharing, the new Robin Hobb addition to the Fitz and Fool series, which we're really enjoying. My favorite was when we sat down in the "Bouncy Castle Park" (not its official name, but there is often a bouncy castle there) along the Greenway, and we sat in a shady spot on the grass with our backs against a tree, and I was able to watch people playing soccer with their toddler & another woman playing a vigorous game of "fetch" with her tiny dog in the bright sunshine while Shannon read to me.

Got home sometime around 3 or 4, had a shower together, and then spent the rest of the day just relaxing together.

A truly lovely day!