August 15th, 2015

green stain kimberly

Jesus Christ!

I'm having one of my "Jesus Christ!" headaches for the first time in months. They've been coming on slowly, but today is the first really bad one that woke me up early & wouldn't let me fall back asleep. I've been doing neck stretches & such, but can't help occasionally clutching my forehead and cursing, "Jesus Christ!"

Damn headaches!

Magically Regenerating Kidneys?

So ... I'm trying not to make any assumptions about this ... I mean, my nephrologist has said that creatinine levels just naturally vary ... but ...

Okay, so I had blood drawn last week in preparation for this coming Wednesday's appointment with the nephrologist, and the test results just arrived in the mail:

My creatinine level tested at 1.23, and my eGFR tested at 53. Both of these numbers would seem to indicate better kidney function than my tests have shown since mid-2012. Holy crow!

Like I said, I'm trying not to make any assumptions (like "Hey! My kidneys are miraculously regenerating!"). Both nephrologists I've seen have told me that lithium-induced kidney disease just doesn't reverse itself, and so my kidneys were unlikely to ever get better, and the best we could hope for was stability.

But ... dude! 1.23 creatinine and 53 eGFR! Those numbers are still in the chronic kidney disease stage 3 range, of course, but so much better than the past couple years!

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The creatinine seems like a very large jump out of nowhere. Maybe the lab got my blood confused with someone else's (unlikely) or my kidneys are suddenly and spontaneously healing (only slightly less unlikely). Maybe their test equipment was faulty? Maybe someone donated a kidney to me while I wasn't looking?

I'll wait to see what my nephrologist says on Wednesday, of course.

But, still, I'm doing a tentative and slightly confused happy dance.

And singing a tentative and slightly confused happy song. (Prospective rhymes with "creatinine": aquamarine, lima bean, alexandrine...)