June 27th, 2015

lgbt, gay pride

Every once in a while, the Supreme Court rocks my world

I had arrived at the top of the stairs a few moments ago, having climbed them the same way I've been doing every time since we upped my Seroquel dosage (leaning my whole body heavily against the bannister throughout the whole climb, so that I would not trip and/or fall), when I declared loudly to Shannon (who was sitting on the couch downstairs), "It's not really the ... um ... not the googliness ... not the goggliness ... wait ... the grogginess! It's not really the grogginess that's the big problem, it's the disorientation and the dizziness."

The googliness and goggliness is just as bad tonight, though I clearly have periods of time when I'm able to fight it better than at others. Right now it's bad enough that I'm going to just climb carefully into bed, finish watching my current episode of "Supernatural" (Season 6, Episode 5). I tried to watch some videos and read some entries on Facebook regarding yesterday's amazingly wonderful Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide, but it felt like trying to read Facebook while spinning happily around the room.

Okay, maybe I really was just spinning happily around the room.