March 24th, 2015

girl in tree, hiding

House made of cake

This is birthday week Chez Appelcline, and so our house is made of cake. Today is Shannon's birthday & mine is Saturday, so:
  1. Today we went out & picnicked on the campus, swung by the Pacific Cookie Co. on the way home, plan to bike to Whole Foods to buy ourselves each a small birthday cake (since I will want something non-chocolate—lemon, probably—and Shannon believes that desserts without chocolate do not deserve the name, and so we buy separate cakes each year), and then will watch some "Doctor Who" & trashy reality tv.
  2. On Saturday we're going to San Francisco to get fancy-dancy sandwiches, hike and picnic in Glen Canyon Park, buy fancy-dancy chocolate at Ghirardelli Square, and have dinner at a non-fancy-dancy fish-and-chips place called The Codfather.
  3. On Sunday the Wiedlins (Shannon's mom's family) are coming up & we'll be doing lunch or dinner with them (I don't remember which), and they often bring a cake, too.
Like I said: house made of cake.

Also, I got a birthday card from my brother yesterday. Yay!

In other news, I had my YAG laser procedure to fix the "secondary cataract" last Wednesday, but it does not seem to have been successful. I've seen zero improvement in my vision; it has, in fact, seemed to have continued getting worse. So vision in my left eye sucks again. Fun. I'm going back to the ophthalmologist on Friday for my follow-up, so I guess that's when we'll figure out what to do next. My guess is that I'll be going in for the same damn procedure all over again.

In doing a bit of research re: how my headaches might or might not be related to my emotional stuff, I noticed a correlation between when the significant difficult trauma-related stuff began coming up & when the frequent bad headaches began. I'm not assuming causation, but there is definite correlation. Something to ponder.

Opiate withdrawal continues, though it is much better.

I went to acupuncture at Berkeley Community Acupuncture today & my usual acupuncturist (in addition to my usual acupuncture) did something called gua sha on my back. It felt really good & seems to have helped with an extremely tight, painful muscle that extended from the right side of my neck all the way down to my ribs on that side (it's been painful enough that it has woken me up repeatedly during the past 3 nights). In the aftermath, I don't feel any pain at all—not like actual bruises—but apparently my back looks red/bruised in places. Funky.

Speaking of acupuncture, my attempt to get acupuncture covered by my health insurance has proven to be a complete bust. Now we're stuck paying an additional $20/month or so for the next year, for mostly nothing. I've spent several hours & much angst over the past couple weeks attempting to work this all out, and I've just had enough & don't want to deal with it anymore. After today's run-around, I ended up just sobbing for several minutes with my face in my hands. Forget it. I'll just keep going to Berkeley Community Acupuncture. It's free on Friday afternoons, and it's a sliding scale the rest of the time.

Speaking of annoying things, our new washing machine seems to have started leaking, so I spent a couple hours dealing with that today. Yay. Home Depot is going to send someone out to look at it on Thursday.

But—on the other hand, the nice hand—I've gotten my new custom orthotics for my shoes, and they are very comfortable. I walked about 3 miles today & it felt more comfortable than it has in quite a while. As I told the podiatrist, I'm hoping to be back to walking 20 miles a week in short order. I've really missed walking, as it's a very meditative practice for me. I get a lot of good thinking done while walking; I enjoy listening to audio books while walking; I see, experience, and enjoy much about my surroundings while walking (e.g., knowing where the most fragrant tea roses are, noticing the first buds on the cherry trees, etc.). I've missed it terribly. I've always identified very strongly as a reader and as a walker. Reading hasn't worked so well for me for the past several years, but at least I still walked. I'm excited to get back to it.

If I'm going to be busy all day on my birthday & all day the next day as well, maybe I'll take Friday as my Birthday Hermit Day, when I indulge the part of me that likes to just hide out and be ALL BY MYSELF. I could experiment with resin, as I've been wanting to do. I could do just whatever silent, solitary thing I felt like doing. Yay! That sounds extremely attractive right now.