December 10th, 2014

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Saw meds doc today. He thinks that my anxiety and associated confusion/disorientation are most likely "organic" in cause, rather than medication-related. That is to say, he thinks they're coming from stuff I'm currently experiencing emotionally, rather than being med side effects.

He did suggest that the Butrans could be the cause, however (which Shannon and I had considered previously, as well), since it's the only med change, but that is apparently very unlikely as a Butrans side effect.

In an effort to perhaps help my current symptoms, if not the cause, we decided to reduce my Lamictal dosage by 25%, from 300 mg/day to 225 mg/day, starting today. We've long suspected that my dosage of Lamictal was unnecessarily large (a remnant of Evil Meds Doc's approach which we just haven't gotten around to changing yet due to more immediate concerns), so we're taking this as an opportunity to see what happens if we reduce it. It's possible that it will clear my mind a bit. Things to watch out for: Lamictal is part of my mood-stabilizing medication team, so we'll be keeping an eye out for hypomania.

Lots of confusion today. Busy day planned for tomorrow, out and about, going to health-related appointments and running errands from about 10:15 am to about 4:30 pm. The last few items on the itinerary are postponeable, though, so I can just come home if I've become too tired, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Tomorrow is possibly my last PT appointment of this go-round, since it is my "re-evaluation." I'm hoping they keep me a while longer, though, because the headaches are still frequent & I think they've really been helping me a lot. *Something* has certainly been helping, because my headaches are occasionally just as severe as before, but the severe ones are *much* less frequent, which is a great relief.

Scalp hurting a whole heck of a lot, though, and headaches were quite bad today. Bleh. Really should make time to go to acupuncture on Friday, since I didn't go at all last week. It seems to help with the scalp pain, if nothing else, but online research seems to indicate that acupuncture has a good record of treating anxiety, as well. I'm not sure it does anything for the headaches, though.

Oh, and (thanks to Shannon's heroic efforts) I now have a working cell phone, which should make any potential freak-outs less dangerous.

Oh, and we didn't adopt Fire and Water. Fire was adopted by someone else, and adopting only one of the siblings would not have accomplished much of what I was wanting. Ah well.