October 16th, 2014

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The withdrawal symptoms are much better now. No nausea today at all. Only slight digestive difficulties. Headaches still terrible, but I don't think that's a withdrawal effect anymore; I think it's just the headaches that caused me to start taking codeine in the first place. They feel different than the codeine withdrawal headaches: sharper, and more localized in my temples, less at the base of my head. I'm going to try tracking the headaches (location, severity, context) from now until when I see the neurologist again a week from Tuesday, so that I can give him as much useful data as possible. When I saw him before, it was difficult to determine what was really going on, because everything was complicated and clouded by the codeine. Now we can look at the original, underlying headache and try to figure out what's going on.

I've been looking into acupuncture, though my insurance currently doesn't cover it. There's an acupuncture school nearby where you can get cheap sessions, so I thought I'd try it. It's one of the few non-kidney-endangering pain relief options I have. You can actually get 2 free sessions if you're willing to let students work on you with a teacher guiding them. I figure it wouldn't hurt (ha ha) to give it a try.

I've wondered lately whether I've been blowing the headaches out of proportion to get attention (I know, this is really surprising, coming from me ... not), but apparently last night Shannon got up to go to the bathroom in the wee hours & when he came back to bed, I moaned, "My head!" without apparently even waking up. I doubt I'm trying to get attention in my sleep. I guess my head really does hurt that badly.

Today I discovered that Photoshop can be a nice distraction. Not just playing with the program, but also searching online for images I want to use & such. Also, my therapist is vigorously encouraging me to start going back to CWC (I haven't gone in 2-3 weeks) & try doing some art. It's just so hard for me to focus, but maybe I can do art about that, somehow. After therapy this week, while walking home, I got this idea to do another self-portrait, but the ideas were all fragmented. Maybe I should make a very fragmented piece, just not try to plan it out so carefully (as I usually do), since I can't think very well right now to do that kind of conscious organization. I'll just look for images that speak to me & do something spontaneous with them. It might be a useful way to deal with how difficult the past few months have been, health-wise.

Speaking of creative endeavors, The Most Expensive Afghan Ever is galloping apace. I thought I was about 1/3 done, because I'd used up about 1/3 of the yarn, but I did some math today & spread out what I've got thus far, and I'd estimate that I've used up about 1/2 the yarn & have a max of 1/3 the afghan length I need. I must be crocheting a tighter or looser stitch than was expected when the woman at Cakes and Purls did the calculations re: how much yarn I would need.

Well, Shannon is going to have some money coming in from Designers & Dragons sometime in the next couple months, and I'll get some of that to spend, so I'll be able to buy more yarn then if necessary. In the meantime, I have 4-5 skeins of yarn still to go. But this may end up being The Even MORE Expensive Afghan.

Okay. My head is hurting & this isn't very distracting, so I'm going to get back to looking at the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch in Photoshop.