September 30th, 2014

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To Be or Not To Be, That Is the Zombie Question

Headache: holding a pretty steady 8 out of 10 for the past few days (and I do mean "steady")

Nausea: holding a pretty steady 8 out of 10 for the past few days (and I do mean "steady")

Body Temp: holding a rather unsteady 1-10 out of 10 for the past few days (and I do mean "unsteady")

I'm going to phone the pain doc tomorrow & ask him if it would be okay to increase the Neurontin dosage back up to 600 mg/day temporarily, because my headaches have been so unrelenting and so severe. I'm not sure if they are causing the accompanying constant horrible nausea or if they're simply coinciding without causation, but the combination is making me miserable much of the time.

I decided to reduce the Neurontin dosage a couple weeks ago primarily to make myself less zombie-like for Melody and Jared's wedding, but right now I would rather be a zombie than have such pain and nausea every waking moment.

The things that got worse with the increased dosage of Neurontin: sleep disruption combined with simultaneous agitation and sedation. Before I make a definitive decision to go back to that, I want to talk to both Shannon & Pain Doc. I'm having sleep problems right now anyway, pretty much the same as I was on 600 mg/day of Neurontin previously, because my head/stomach/sweats wake me up every few hours.

Today I had lunch with an old friend, Fred, who I haven't seen in a really long time, and I was able to eat a bit, but I had trouble staying focused when he was talking, because my head was hurting so badly. It's been so long since I got to see him, though, that I didn't want to miss the chance.

I also went to CWC on Monday, just for 3 hours: lunch (though I only ate bread from home, due to the nausea), my appointment with Sara, and some Juliet Project fabric mache tests up in the art room. My head was pretty bad, my nausea was pretty bad, and I was having lower GI problems, but Shannon seemed quite glad that I decided to go anyway. There's always a risk of depression when I hang out at the house too much, I suppose.