September 2nd, 2014

me blue hair

And then my poor meatball was nothing but mush, but the mush was as tasty as tasty can be ...

Strangely enough, the "Mostly Pudding and Ice Cream" diet has resulted in me losing 3 pounds in a week and a half. I think there are a lot of women in our culture who would be happy to hear about this effective diet regimen. Perhaps I should write a self-help book.

I'm still not able to eat normally & rely primarily on soups & Boost supplement drinks for my nutrition. Shannon indulged me tremendously yesterday by going with me for brunch at La Note, where there is usually about an hour wait for a table. There was, in fact, an hour wait, but Shannon (who loathes waiting for stuff like this) didn't utter a single word of complaint. This is how much he has been spoiling me these past couple weeks. I mean, he has been great for the past months & years, but these past couple weeks he has gone above & beyond. I've felt more pampered than ever before in my whole life.

I wonder if my recent realizations about my childhood (and continuing) family dynamics have influenced him, either consciously or subconsciously. I'll bet they have. I've cried on his shoulder a number of times in the past couple months when he (or someone else) did something for me, admitting how foreign and amazing it felt for people to treat me with such selfless kindness.

ANYWAY ... my recovery from the gum graft surgeries continues. When Shannon and I went to La Note yesterday, I was only able to eat an omelet (leaving my toast and potatoes untouched), and even the omelet was a little challenging to eat, but it was my first time getting to go to a restaurant since the surgery. I have to be careful not to let the food touch the graft sites too much, and even when I'm pretty careful, the wounds there (especially on the right side, which has been the most painful all along) start to hurt when I eat anything that requires much chewing.

Still, I can carefully eat eggs now, and I can eat well-cooked macaroni & cheese. Also ice cream with relatively mushy bits mixed in (like cookie dough-type stuff). Yesterday evening, I had "milk toast" using cinnamon brioche from La Note, and it was delicious. Adding even a small amount of chewing to my diet has been pretty exciting. I see the dentist tomorrow & he will check the state of my gum grafts, but it doesn't really matter if he gives me permission to eat whatever I like, since too much chewing still causes me pain. His permission would be nice, of course, since it would mean that the grafts are still healing well, but I'll continue with the mostly mushy diet (adding increasingly solid food as it becomes comfortable) until I get back to being able to gnaw on a tough steak at Sizzler if I so choose. At the moment, that level of comfort seems pretty far away.

I also still tire very easily. I did a relatively small amount of walking over the course of the weekend (just walking the mile or so to downtown two days in a row) & ended up very tired. My mind is clearly still very tired, too. Today, while coloring during my headache, I listened to some new podfics (new to me, anyway), hoping that they would be more distracting than the familiar ones (which have sometimes lately not been distracting enough & left me still aware of my headache). I think this was true, but later in the evening, when I went to move them around between various playlists in iTunes (taking them out of my "Random New Podfics" playlist and either deleting them or putting them into the playlist of podfics I keep for repeated listening), I listened to a bit of each to remind me which fic was which, and most of them sounded completely unfamiliar, as if I'd never heard them before. So they were distracting while I listened to them, but did not lodge in my brain. Ah well. My energy level is improving also, even if it isn't as quickly as I would like.

Tomorrow I'll be running around a fair amount, going from one appointment to another, going to lunch in between (because I wouldn't really have time to come home). I think I'll go to Sconehenge, since I'll be near there, and see what mushy food is on their menu. If nothing else, I know they have good mashed potatoes, since I bought them "to go" sometimes when I was having the really bad nausea.

I should go wash my hair. Good night all.