May 29th, 2014

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I'm currently obsessed with a fun website called, which has various apps that sort of support and encourage physical and mental health efforts. I've been looking for some app or community that would encourage me in my efforts to lose weight without dieting, and thus far Mindbloom's Life Game looks the most promising. It's fun, too. I've spent hours on it today, trying to use my current excitement and motivation to set thing sup to encourage me moving forward with exercising & feeling positive toward my body, to help Kimberly of 6 months from now ... a Kimberly who may be having trouble keeping up her fitness regime momentum.

If you're interested in encouraging yourself to improve any parts of your life, to encourage yourself in some endeavors, you should join me in the Life Game! I'm not going to be some obsessive proselytizer, trying to recruit you all, but I'm having fun with it & it would be even more fun to have friends doing it with me ... like having friends to go to the gym with me, except less difficult to arrange around everyone's complicated schedules.

As for the headaches, today has been significantly better, but I've still been taking the Tylenol #4, partially to treat today's relatively minor headaches, but primarily to prevent causing withdrawal symptoms.

Today's Tylenol+Codeine Usage
1/2 tab at 9:00 am
1/2 tab at 12:30 pm
1/2 tab at 5:15 pm
1/2 tab at 9:40 pm
and I will probably take 1/2 tablet before going to bed
Total today: probably 2 1/2 Tylenol #4 tablets

Oh ... and I discovered today that Berkeley Bowl carries Nuttzo. Yay! It's been my food obsession since our trip to Hawaii, when I first got addicted to it because my mother-in-law offered it to me for breakfast each day. It's incredibly yummy ... and it seems really healthy, too! It's ridiculously expensive, but also ridiculously delicious. I particularly like Nuttzo/banana sandwiches.

Anyway, time to wind down for bed. I'm sending much love to any of you reading this. I've been feeling generally positive and cheerful all day. I've been waiting until the surgeries were finished before moving on with many plans for making my life better, and now my recovery is well underway & I'm excited to get moving on getting healthier and happier.

I need to take a photo of my newly-non-spectacled self to replace my bespectacled icons here, on Facebook, on Etsy, etc. I wear reading glasses occasionally, but I'm mostly glasses-free these days. I'm surprised how quickly I've gotten used to it!
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Improving pretty much every day

As my surgeon predicted, my vision has been getting better and better since the surgeries. Here's the history of my need for reading glasses:
  1. After first surgery (when only the left eye had been fixed): +2.50
  2. Immediately after the second surgery: +2.00
  3. A couple days after the second surgery: +1.75
  4. Today, 8 days after the second surgery: +1.00

I can now read quite comfortably without glasses at all, but everything is sharper if I wear the +1.00 reading glasses ... which are the weakest ones available in the drug stores. How fabulous is that? (Of course, this also means that I have been buying new reading glasses every few days, which feels like a waste of money, but isn't, really. It's just part of this post-surgery recovery time. I mean, would I rather that my eyes weren't getting better and better? Obviously not.)

Today I also wore a headband for a few hours with no apparent ill effects (which was terrific, since my hair is now long enough to be extremely annoying). How fabulous is that?

Today's Tylenol+Codeine Usage
1/2 tab at 6:35 am
1/2 tab at 8:25 am
1/2 tab at 6:45 pm
1/2 tab at 10:00 pm
(possible additional 1/2 tab before bed)
Day's Probable Total: 2 1/2 Tylenol #4 tablets

I'm still taking a fair amount of Tylenol #4, but I'm not wanting to trigger withdrawal effects while so many other variables are in flux. My neurologist had instructed me not to try reducing my dosage until halfway through my physical therapy, anyway, and I suspended my PT during the few weeks of constant surgery-related stuff. I'm starting PT again on Tuesday, so I expect the effects of the pinched nerve to now follow the effects of the cataract in their departure from my life. How fabulous is THAT?