May 25th, 2014

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Today's Tylenol+Codeine Usage (thus far)
1 tab 2:30 am
awake 2:30-6:30 am
slept 6:30-10:15 am
1/2 tab at 10:15 am
1/2 tab at 11:10 am
1 tab at 11:45 am
1 tab at 5:10 pm
1 tab at 6:00 pm

I slept very badly last night & ended up being awake down on the couch from 2:30 to 6:30 or so, but went to bed early enough & slept late enough that I still managed to get about 7 hours of sleep. The headaches today have continued to be quite bad. Shannon and I decided to go for a bike ride anyway, and wearing a helmet didn't seem to make the headache any worse. Pressure on my head just doesn't feel bad like it did before, which is a relief.

We biked out to El Cerrito and had lunch at Rubio's, which was great. I haven't gone on many bike rides in the past several months, so it was great to be out in the warm, sunny weather and just generally enjoying a pleasant, relaxing afternoon with Shannon. Shannon has been incredibly supportive over the past ... um ... well, decade ... but it was really nice to spend some fun time with him today to balance out the difficult times of these past couple months a little bit.

My father-in-law in Hawaii has been being amazingly wonderful during this dramatic cataract surgery period & has been phoning after each surgery to ask how I've been doing. I just been really touched by how he's kept track of when my appointments are & cared enough to call and find out how I'm doing. It really feels good to have such a supportive family. I got lucky when I married Shannon, because I got not only a rather fine husband, but also an impressive package deal. :)

Like I said, the headaches have continued to be very bad today, but I've had some times today when they subsided a bit. They haven't completely gone away at any point today, but sometimes they weren't too bad. It was soooooo nice to get out, though, so I'm happy that I hopped on my bike anyway and ventured out with Shannon despite my uncooperative head.

It was amazing how different the pavement looked to me now that I have working eyes. Every fissure and pothole and crevice just seems so clear now, and so I was able to avoid bad places in the road much more effectively than before the surgeries. Bad places in the road are still unpleasantly plentiful in Berkeley & they can't all be avoided (when the whole street is bumpety bumpety, you're just out of luck), but it was a very noticeably different experience.

Anyway, I'm going to go relax. Shannon is on the phone with his dad right now, but we'll be reading some Le Guin short stories in the Earthsea universe when he's done. We've been enjoying them quite a bit!